A thief attempts to steal a laptop.

6 of the biggest crypto heists of all time

5 min read
When you store your money in a traditional bank, you do so because you have few other options. Of course, it’s possible to sidestep...
The Mozilla and ExpressVPN logos sit side by side, in partnership.

Mozilla and ExpressVPN announce partnership to provide VPN services

1 min read
We’re delighted to announce that ExpressVPN is partnering with Mozilla on building a more private and secure internet experience. Mozilla has long been a...
Browser with boxes containing different types of browsing activity.

You should be compartmentalizing your browsers. Here’s how it works.

2 min read
We’re acutely aware that our data is valuable—our online movements are followed assiduously by companies and governments who wish to target us for their...
An illustration of a CA certificate.

What is a CA certificate, and how does it work?

3 min read
Recently, the government of Kazakhstan temporarily forced citizens to install a Certificate Authority (CA) which allows the state to decrypt all content and communications...
Profile of a man whose face has identifiable information about him.

Anonymized demographic data can still be used to identify you

4 min read
If you’re one of the few people who read terms of service, you may find buried in various companies’ privacy policies a clause saying...
A thief attempts to steal a laptop.

6 of the biggest crypto heists of all time

5 min read
When you store your money in a traditional bank, you do so because you have few other options. Of course, it’s possible to sidestep...
An illustration of a data folder with a leaking tap (faucet for the Americans).

6 massive government data breaches

5 min read
We’re constantly hearing about data breaches lately⁠—and it’s no wonder, given that 5 billion personal records were exposed last year. While the majority of...
The internet's home icon. But bigger. And red.

9 things you can do with a home server

4 min read
Running your own server at home can be cheap and requires only basic knowledge of the command line. An old laptop can be converted...
An illustration of a leaking computer cable viewed through a magnifying glass.

ExpressVPN leak testing tools

6 min read
The ExpressVPN Leak Testing Tools are an extensible suite of Python tools designed for both manual and automated leak testing of VPN applications. Developed by...
ExpressVPN server rises from the ashes.

How ExpressVPN keeps its web servers patched and secure

8 min read
This article explains ExpressVPN’s approach to security patch management for the infrastructure running the ExpressVPN website (not the VPN servers). In general, our approach...
What is a DNS leak?

What are DNS leaks?

2 min read
In a previous blog, we talked about what DNS is, how it works, and why it can give away more information than you might...
An illustration of a meter. Thumbs up on one end, thumbs down on the other.

Your devices are rating you. Behave accordingly.

4 min read
Chances are you’ve seen “Nosedive,” the infamous Black Mirror episode depicting a world in which ordinary people rate each other on the basis of...
Numerous Bitcoin logos daisy-chained together.

What is a Bitcoin node and who needs one?

4 min read
The Bitcoin network does not have a central authority that decides which transactions are valid and which are not. There is nobody who issues...
An illustration of a speedometer.

ExpressVPN tops Comparitech’s speed test

1 min read
ExpressVPN has topped Comparitech’s 2019 review of the fastest VPNs on the market. During the tests, ExpressVPN averaged a download speed of 106 Megabits...

ExpressVPN rolls out apps and browser extensions in over a dozen languages

1 min read
Online privacy and security are fundamental rights no matter what language you speak. That’s why ExpressVPN is proud to say we now offer our apps...

Now on ExpressVPN: Connect 5 devices simultaneously

1 min read
You asked for more, and we heard you. ExpressVPN is excited to announce that we’re changing our multiple-device policy to allow five simultaneous connections...
The ExpressVPN logo with a green tick.

The all-new ExpressVPN browser extension is here!

1 min read
For older versions of the ExpressVPN browser extension, click here. Incredible news! We’ve given the ExpressVPN browser extension a complete overhaul! Letting you remotely control the...