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amazon is watching you too

5 ways Amazon spies on you (even if you’re not a...

5 min read
When it comes to invasive algorithms, Amazon is rarely mentioned in the same breath as Facebook or Google. Perhaps that’s a mistake.
9 times Facebook violated your privacy

9 times Facebook violated your privacy

4 min read
To say that Facebook has a less-than-stellar reputation for privacy is understating it. Here are some major instances where the company didn’t guard your data.
A watch with a face that opens like a door.

A spying smartwatch highlights kids’ privacy risks

4 min read
Plus, privacy violations found in smart toys, and how to protect your family.
A home security camera with an eye.

Best home security camera systems for privacy and security

13 min read
We review Google Nest, Ring by Amazon, Wyze Cam, and Netvue Camera. Find out how well they work and their levels of privacy.
EU to regulate big tech

20 tech giants could face stricter rules in the EU. Will...

2 min read
The regulations aim to level the playing field and foster competition by forcing Google, Facebook, and others to share data with rivals.
biometric payment risks

Risk of biometric payments: You can’t reset your fingerprint

4 min read
As we move towards biometric identification for payments and banking, it’s worth examining what might happen if our fingerprints get exposed.
content delivery networks explained

What is a content delivery network? Find out the benefits and...

3 min read
If you want to improve your website’s performance, using a CDN is an obvious choice. Here’s why.
mental health app privacy issues

What your mental health app reveals to big tech

4 min read
Apps to help with stress, anxiety, and substance abuse are exploding in popularity. But are they giving away your privacy?
just surveilling the police won't prevent violence

We need more than surveillance to prevent police violence

5 min read
Citizens subconsciously modify their behavior in the presence of surveillance devices. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have the same effect on law enforcement.
facebook says its future in europe is unclear

Facebook: Our future in Europe is unclear

3 min read
The social media giant says it doesn’t know how it will cope with the EU’s new data-transfer rules. But to observers, it’s inconceivable that the company will quit Europe.

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